Friday, July 8, 2011

WOW...Almost a year!!!

I can’t believe it has been almost a year since I have posted anything. This is really sad because I haven’t really made anything, just too busy.  It has been a good and sad, but busy though.

We have bought our fist home and with that comes packing, small repairs, painting, moving, unpacking, more small repairs, organizing, lots of yard work including a small veggie garden and one large bathroom remodel.
Right after we moved we had a death in the family out of state and all the responsibility of that fell to us. It was a very sad but happy time because we know that Granny is in Heaven with Jesus and we will see her again.

The second sad thing for me was that I gave up being a SU! demonstrator. It was a very hard thing for me to do, but knew that I wasn’t bringing in profit and in order to buy a house I would have to give it up. I still buy (just not as much) and use their products and will hopefully be a demonstrator again really soon.
I have my own craft room now it is the craft/office/guest room (with a Murphy bed and built in shelves).  My husband has given up on calling it the office and has finally given in to it being a craft room, after all he only has a desk with his computer and I have the entire room, including the closet.  Unfortunately since I haven’t been crafting, the room is a bit of a disheveled condition and I can’t (won’t) post any pictures.  I need to design something that has a bit more creative flow than what is happening now, it works just not as well as I want it too.

So my goal within the next few weeks is to work on the craft room to make it more efficient for me to create and then post some pictures.
Thanks for Stopping by and sticking with me this long.


  1. I love your blog. I'm following you through Stampin Connection. Will you please follow my blog at Thanks

  2. I hear you on moving! We did that this last January! It takes time to get back into the swing of things!!! Following you via sc!



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